Friday, December 23, 2011

“Reads like a smart, hip mini-encyclopedia of what’s new and what’s next in green technologies and earth-conscious ideas.” – Business Week

Worldchanging: About Us: is a nonprofit media organization dedicated to solutions-based journalism about the planetary future.

So far, Worldchanging has produced almost 12,000 visionary articles and two editions of its bestselling book, and continues to be a go-to source for forward thinking, solutions-based journalism that takes a big-picture approach to sustainability (see this post for a retrospective of WC’s first six years). This approach has garnered Worldchanging a great deal of attention, with Nielsen ranking the second-largest sustainability website on the planet and over 600 media stories focusing on its work. Worldchanging’s work has had a profound impact on the debate about sustainability and the global future.

Sample entry:

The Good News Paradox: Reflecting on the Human Development Index (ALEX AYLETT, 8 NOV 10)

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