This is a “moderated” site, so articles and comments must be approved by the editorial board, unless the author has previously approved comments or articles on the site. The editorial board further reserves the right to edit, remove, or alter any content appearing on the site to ensure that it conforms to these guidelines.

  1. An article must address a specific solution, or suite of solutions, that meets the criteria of being socially just, ecologically regenerative, and economically sustainable.
  2. The article must provide sufficient information for a new or existing enterprise to implement the solution(s) offered.
  3. The article must provide references and supporting data where appropriate.
  4. The article must be balanced, neutral, and not based on junk science.

In addition to “solutions,” approved contributors may list projects, resources, case studies, and so on that support the development and implementation of appropriate solutions, and invite contributions from others to help accomplish them.

Other articles that address issues relevant to the proposed solutions, e.g., Vinay Gupta’s “State of the Art in Appropriate Technology,” are also welcome.

Other guidelines may be added as needed.

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