Monday, December 19, 2011

Voluntourism seems an almost universally appropriate solution. It can be done at the ends of the earth, or just in one’s own backyard. And organizing voluntours for people of all ages would seem to be a wide-open sustainable social enterprise opportunity. Consider voluntourism for Haiti (which  includes our work with Travelcology and Extreme Bike Adventure), and other developing countries. Or for the immediate neighborhood.

In our case we live in an area called “The Crossroads of the Revolution,” but there is little to recall or relive the meaning or the spirit of those times. An opportunity here might be bus tours of the area, with people doing research, planning, and development of this historical resource. The enterprise would consist of arranging the travel, accommodations, schedule, historical experts, and enrolling the participants to create and fund the equivalent of a modern-day WPA project.

In the case of Haiti, our partners at Travelcology are organizing an exploratory mountain biking expedition to Cap Haitien and Port-de-Paix for January 2012; contact info@travelcology.com for more information.

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